Ebony Lounge Niles Buffet

Ebony Lounge
(at Big Cinemas)
9180 West Golf Road
Niles, IL 60714

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Ebony Lounge Buffet Review: Menace to Diners

Ebony Lounge in Big Cinemas serves the most disgusting buffets of all time.

The cheap low down rascals at Ebony feeds trash to poor innocent movie goers.

The only reason for someone to visit the lounge that serves nefariously horrible food is Big Cinemas.

The Eastern European lady who struggles to speak English recommended we try the buffet.

Considering that we didn't have much time before the pleasure of watching Ajith' 50th Atrocity Mankatha again, I accepted the suggestion.

Ebony Lounge Mankatha Special Buffet

The buffet did not have plain rice or biryani. One of us tried the non-vegetarian items which I was told was equally salty, trashy and half baked as the other stuff.

The blithering idiots at Ebony Lounge charge $15.99 for this rotten buffet.

Folks, Ebony Lounge is a menace to diners and needs immediate closure! - By Naveen © ChicagoIndia.us

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