Jobs for Indians in Chicago

Landing a well paying job in greater Chicago area is very hard for Indians if you're not young with IT background.

Whether it's Chicago city, Aurora, Lemont, Schaumburg, Niles or Westmont the job market for non-IT guys is very tight.

Plus, the slowdown in the U.S. economy over the last few years has made a bad situation terrible for a lot of desi job seekers.

Indians with Green Cards stand a much better chance of landing a job than those on H1B Visas or the so-called illegals (i.e., without legal status and work permits).

Here are a bunch of jobs in different sectors (motels, restaurants, beauty salons, importers etc) that Indians in greater Chicago can apply for.

September 30, 2020
Resident Manager
Portland, OR Motel
Requirements: Legal status, computer & English skills
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 503-804-8897

Curry Cook
OK Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Experience
Call: 847-274-2167

Resident Manager
Chicago, IL Full Service Hotel
Requirements: Fluent English
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 916-402-4261

General Manager
Ocala, FL Motel
Call: 805-268-3150

Tandoori & Curry Chef
Denver Indian Restaurant
Call: 720-341-8444

Restaurant Cook
Des Moines, IA
Call: 832-816-6671

Resident Manager
OR Franchise Motel
Requirements: Experience
Call: 503-866-1460

South Indian Chef
Madison, WI Indian Restaurant
Call: 608-467-2110

Appetizer Chef
Omaha, NE Indian Restaurant
Benefits: Salary & accommodation
Call: 630-430-7489

TN Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Work authorization must
Benefits: Free food & accommodation
Call: 615-638-4444

Resident Manager
San Antonio area, TX Motel
Requirements: Computer skills
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 210-363-7387

Master Tandoori Chef
Atlanta, GA Indian Restaurant
Call: 678-999-3620

Tandoori & South Indian Chef
Hollywood Area, CA
Requirements: Prefer experience & jalebis making skill
Call: 818-968-9980

Resident Manager
Washington Hotel
Requirements: Single/couple, fluent English & computer skills, basic maintenance
Call: 503-888-8018

Nebraska Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Speicialized in Indian appetizers and curries
Benefits: Salary & accommodation
Call: 402-889-9218

North & South Indian Chef
WI Indian Restaurant
Call: 414-581-3784

Curry Chef
Austin, TX
Call: 512-568-5404

Tandoori & Curry Chef
Norfolk, NE Indian Restaurant
Requirements: 2-yrs experience
Call: 801-638-8878

Front Desk Clerk
Austin, TX Franchise Motel
Requirements: Single or couple, flluent English, computer literate, 1-yrs hotel experience, legal status
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 512-644-4722

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